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FMP Researching : Hinamatsuri

Within researching, I learnt that in other cultures, dolls represent and symbolize other things. For example in Japan dolls are used in festivals. The well known holiday that dolls are used in is a day called “Hinamatsuri” translated as “Doll’s day” or “Girl’s day”. It’s a special day in Japan that is celebrated each year… Continue reading FMP Researching : Hinamatsuri

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FMP Trip : V&A Museum of Childhood

During my research for my final major project, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to research about dollhouses and dolls. Within exploring and researching I’ve learnt that the earliest examples of doll houses were found in the Egyptian tombs of the Old Kingdom which consisted small wooden models of furniture, boats, animals, people… Continue reading FMP Trip : V&A Museum of Childhood