Visit : Leonardo da vinci, The Mechanics of genius

Relating to the beyond the limits brief, we were recommended to visit a couple of exhibitions, but me and leon decided to check out the Leonardo Da Vinci : The Mechanics of Genius.

Leonardo  was an Italian polymath who was heavily interested in art, science, mathematics and engineering. He expressed his his work by sketching and drawings then creating models to demonstrate how his inventions work. The first part of the exhibition was an introduction of his background, history  and samples of his own work.

The second part of the exhibition was examples of his 3 dimensional models (such as weapons and flying contraptions) each model has a small text showing how the invention works, along with large scales of his paintings behind the models.  These photos below are models and pages from Leonardo’s books. Most of the models in the bottom photos were weapons invented for soldiers.

The photos below were flying machines by Leonardo,he imagined and was excited about the thought of people soaring through the sky, he was heavily inspired by birds.

I like how the exhibition is presented with the illustrations hung in the background with the 3 dimensional models on front, its very presentable and inspiring for our design competition brief.



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