Design competition

Design Competition : Tinkerlink

For this morning we were watching the students who worked in the Tinkerlink brief, it was interesting to see everyone’s idea and how different it all is. Tinkerlink is a company that created a phone with sets of charms to customise and decorate cases for smartphones.

For starters we had Hayden present his banners and his ways of having different themes for each month. Samir showed an illustration of items inspired by a trend called “What’s in my bag.”  After Rosie showed a range of her experimental illustrations for promoting on social media. Along with Angie showing a moving image, and with more students showing their animations.

After their presentations we had a mini exercise with Cecile about our reflective diary,once the exercise was done we heard feedback from the people of Tinkerlink and with that the people who presented won a free phone case, it was a very enjoyable presentation

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