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Local Universe : Summer show

This summer, the summer show of London Met will be commencing, but for that to happen, we have to set up our layout of exhibition and pick out work that portrays our strongest points. I will be showing my posters brief where I was firstly afraid to work on at first mainly because printing was… Continue reading Local Universe : Summer show

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FMP Researching : Hinamatsuri

Within researching, I learnt that in other cultures, dolls represent and symbolize other things. For example in Japan dolls are used in festivals. The well known holiday that dolls are used in is a day called “Hinamatsuri” translated as “Doll’s day” or “Girl’s day”. It’s a special day in Japan that is celebrated each year… Continue reading FMP Researching : Hinamatsuri

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Print : Researching

Within researching for posters,my 18th century research is revolved around an old printing method called “Wood block printing.” This poster was ┬ádesigned and printed by Kunichika Toyohara in 1890,using the method of wood block printing, this was used to advertise a Kabuki play in Japan (the play is called Onoe Kikugoro V as Akashi no… Continue reading Print : Researching