Core workshops

100 Briefs

During our Super Friday we were all gathered up in one studio and was given an activity to complete each question in one minute. We were very limited when it came to drawing ont paper since it was A4, but materials wise we can expand on, I used a lot of Japanese calligraphy pens and markers. It was very collaborative, busy but fun to see other people’s drawings.

My favorite questions :
9) Design an epitaph (what is written on her/his gravestone) for an agnostic (Someone who is not sure of the existence of God)

13) The King’s Head, The Cock Inn – Name three brand new traditional pubs.

14) Grandma wants to knit you something- what would you like and what colors?

15) What happened to you this morning? Write it firstly a broadsheet headline an then a tabloid headline.

33) Design a fairground ride.

44) What would you name your boat and draw her.

Unfortunately we managed to reach 50 briefs.


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