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Signs and language : Logo idea

Going back onto the sign and language brief I chose to redesign the logo of an Asian dessert cafe in Piccadilly known as Boba Jam. There logo is presented as so Logo designed by Artnad I choose this logo to redesign because I thought it was as an experimental logo to play around with. Within… Continue reading Signs and language : Logo idea

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Getting Weird : Presentation&Crit

It was the day to show our work for the “Getting weird” brief. In turns we had to show and explain the story behind our pieces. My story was quite childlike and humorous. There was a lot of interesting stories from other’s and their experiences. For my own feedback I was told to scale it… Continue reading Getting Weird : Presentation&Crit

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Getting Weird : Research&Ideas

Within a difficult journey into finding or spotting out the weirdness within a daily, I first tried to overhear conversations when I encountered a couple making food and dog puns, a few days later I spotted a man eating a Chinese delicacy which is known as “Dimsum”. The piece of food then slipped out of… Continue reading Getting Weird : Research&Ideas

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Lisson Gallery

Within Bell street held two separate galleries one gallery was holding an exhibition held by Ryan Gander and Broomberg&Chanarin. Ryan Gander’s exhibition “Fieldwork” is about interlinking his inspirations that feeds into his practice. Broomberg&Chanarin’s work is a debut solo exhibition that consists of photographic, moving images and performance works that explore tensions between discipline and chance, precision… Continue reading Lisson Gallery

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Design Comp : Introductory

As a start o design competition we were given a talk by Cecile about portfolios and presenting yourself as a practitioner, and advised us to be creative when showing portfolio work and have a passion and to care for you portfolios. After we all started to bring our selected work out to present our strongest… Continue reading Design Comp : Introductory

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Design Comp : Viewing&feedback

On Friday we started the session with Cecil showing examples of designers to look up for influences after we started to view eachother’s kickstarter and giving feedback on what to do for future references. For my video I was told to add an introduction and text to describe what my kickstarter is about. From my… Continue reading Design Comp : Viewing&feedback

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Design Comp : Kickstarter Idea

To start the day we were shown by Cecil examples of kickstarter videos to get ideas into making ours, we then gathered,share and explain our ideas onto making our kickstarter video. My idea was to make a stress free pack filled with a coloring book, incense candle and a book full of haiku poems along… Continue reading Design Comp : Kickstarter Idea

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Inspiration : Manon Marguerite

Manon Marguerite was a fine artist who was influenced by a Japanese subculture which is known as “Kawaii culture”. In 2014, her final piece was an installation which is known as “The Pink room” which is an exploration of pink, cute fashion, femininity and girlhood. She now lives in Japan and owns label called Strawberry… Continue reading Inspiration : Manon Marguerite