Core workshops

Studio Culture Week

This week was Studio week, was to visit designers and their studios to learn their working methods, how they adapt within their space,in order to make and work within our studios.

The first studio we went to was our own tutor’s studio Heather, it was nearby the university at the end of Brick Lane. When I first entered in it was very spacious, she then told us about the people she’s sharing with and showed us her photobooks, also the darkroom.

The second studio we visited to was an Illustrator Clara Lacey. Her studio was in Shoreditch.

Clara showed us her studio, it gave off a small fairy tale-like studio. She use to illustrate people but she now has an interest in animals and insects. She told us about her experience as an illustrator and working for companies, her favorite experience was when she use to work for a pub because it helped her connect and network with other people. Not only she told us about her experience but gave us advice on what can we do after graduating, send emails to companies to let ourselves get known.

To end the day we visited Kin Designs studio which is located in Farringdon.

The designers of Kin design sat us down and showed us a presentation on what they do and their experiences working for museums and events.

In my opinion it’s very interesting to see different designers on how they can adapt in the space they have, how they think and work and also what inspires them. The whole visit was to help us on how we can work on our studio and the spaces.


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