Studio culture : Making and outcome

Last Friday was the day our studio was to be built up into the studio all of us can work and adapt to like other designers in their studios.

We started to discuss and debate in groups of what we need in the studio and how much space we’re going to need. We decided to have individual spaces for each of us to do our work and also a private crit space joined with a mini library in the corner, with teamwork and communication we went and searched high and low in university for spare desks.

With the plan chest drawers we made it multi-functional we used it as storage to keep our large scale work and reusable materials and a cutting space, we then left two white wall spaces for a inspirational wall/gallery. The making of this studio started from 10 to 5:30 to be exact and to end it we watched a video called “10 bullets : How to be Knolling” by Tam Sachs,it teaches you on to how to be professional in your work space.

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