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Print : Researching

Within researching for posters,my 18th century research is revolved around an old printing method called “Wood block printing.” This poster was ¬†designed and printed by Kunichika Toyohara in 1890,using the method of wood block printing, this was used to advertise a Kabuki play in Japan (the play is called Onoe Kikugoro V as Akashi no… Continue reading Print : Researching

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New brief : Print

During the afternoon we were handed a new brief to the term. We have been introduced to printmaking, ¬†a way of creating an image to communicate ideas through posters, pamphlets. Nous Vous showed us examples of posters and artists who produced them (e.g. Sister Corita Kent) to get inspiration. As an illustrator we produce posters… Continue reading New brief : Print

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Welcome back : Workshop

Today as a new started we gathered all of our visual research to create a map on how we interpret our local universe. First we were shown examples of maps such as the Mappa mundi, after using our own sketches, collages,prints and photos we discussed on what to put up. After we made another final… Continue reading Welcome back : Workshop