Hot house talks

Hothouse talk : A Practice for everyday life

Today Friday we had a talk from Kirsty and Emma; the founders of “Practice for everyday life.” They were both university students who gathered and worked together for 15 years, they showed their collaborations and their studio to start with. They showed us their work and spoke about each of the works they’ve done. They’re… Continue reading Hothouse talk : A Practice for everyday life

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Hot House Talk : Joe Cruz

On Friday 29th, we had a hot house talk with a free lancer illustrator named Joe Cruz. He spoke about his experience when he was in university and showed us his final major projects where he incorporated fashion with children’s stories/nursery rhymes. He then spoke about the struggles and hardships he had once he finished… Continue reading Hot House Talk : Joe Cruz

Hot house talks

Hot house : Sarah Boris talk

Last Friday a graphics designer, Sarah Boris came to London met and gave us a talk about her experience as a graphics designer and art director, she also gave us advice that it’s worth trying the second time for internships/apprenticeship. It was an interesting talk because of the range of her work (such as publications,… Continue reading Hot house : Sarah Boris talk