Hot house talks

Hot house talk : It’s nice that

Today at midday Emily Gosling, a writer from the studio It’s nice that, gave us a quick talk about what the company use to do and what they do now.

It’s nice that is a publishing company mainly for illustration and graphic designers (Link to website)

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They showed a wide range of their work from photography to publishing magazines. it’s nice that had partnerships with squarespace and other brands/companies. Emily then gave us tips on how to get noticed out in the world of industry by social networking via tumblr, flicker and by meeting and making connections with new people, she, as a journalist gave us advice on how to write since we own student blogs.
In my opinion the talk was interesting and some of the work from It’s nice that struck out to me


Such as this image, i thought it reminded me of my dissertation as i focus on Japanese cute culture with associates with small cute items such as the image above. Overall this talk is good to listen from a representative from it’s nice that because you can learn what it’s like to work in a studio/company and what experiences she had to encounter.


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