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FMP Trip : V&A Museum of Childhood

During my research for my final major project, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to research about dollhouses and dolls.

Within exploring and researching I’ve learnt that the earliest examples of doll houses were found in the Egyptian tombs of the Old Kingdom which consisted small wooden models of furniture, boats, animals, people in pyramids but were used for religion purposes.

“In human terms, then, olls may be said to appeal primarily to the emotions while doll’s houses appeal more to the intellect an involve adult disciplines of discrimination and order.” – Quoted from a book about Dolls.

Dollhouses have been primarily domain of children but crafting, creating and collecting is also a hobby for adults.

I noticed that in each room of a dollhouse contains many rooms with small furnishings, it appealed a lot to me because in a way it can be a creative way of how adults/children think and order things around the dollhouse. I’ve learnt that dollhouses is only not for children to enjoy but can be for adults to collects and admire the craftsmanship.


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