Hot house talks

Hot House Talk : Lakwena

On Friday we had a talk from an artist named Lakwena. Lakwena is a mural artist based in London. Her inspiration came from an book she read in her childhood called “The Magic Paint brush” And was heavily inspired from the book.

She loved the use of typography and was heavily influenced by the signs she’s seen in her trips to Ghana and Ethiopia. During her experience in university she was struggling with ‘stepping out of her comfort zone’ and eventually was use to the briefs and trying different methods of working. She advised us that since it’s our last year of being in university we should play around and think of ways of creating something more.

She got most of her jobs and work experience from her friends and connections, and with that she managed to get where she was today, she explained the hardships of accepting the problem but finding the solution after, and then gave us advise that even if the “brief” is hard and can be a problem we can always fix it by figuring out a way.




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