Zine Publication

On a Tuesday morning we started off with Jay introducing us with a collection of zines he collected and created on his own or by the team of Nous Vous.

i think zines/publications can be a good way to show and to present your future portfolio for future clients to show that illustration is not only your main field and to expand more.

Our project was to get in a group or work on our own and create and produce a publication and using some of the zines as a reference. i worked with Rosie on her narrative and what kind of life her character lives in. We started off putting the sequences of her illustrations in order from a Monday to Friday schedule then we chose a method of how to put the illustrated pages together we chose a simple method of using a rubber band to bind it all.

To add a finishing touch i recommended Rosie to add a acetate sheet as a cover to leave a clean and neat touch to her zine. On Thursday morning i decided to take more of the Zines and take it onto my own hands and make a few of my own for my final major project


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