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FMP Researching : Hinamatsuri

Within researching, I learnt that in other cultures, dolls represent and symbolize other things. For example in Japan dolls are used in festivals. The well known holiday that dolls are used in is a day called “Hinamatsuri” translated as “Doll’s day” or “Girl’s day”. It’s a special day in Japan that is celebrated each year on the 3rd March. This day was celerate to wish for a healthy and happy future for daughters in families.

This festive day traces it’s origins back to the Heian period custom called “Hina Nagashi” (Which is translated as doll floating.) in which straw dolls are set onto a boat and set afloat onto a river to the sea this was practiced so the dolls can take away troubles or bad spirits with them, but later was stopped after the fishermen who has worked by the sea has captured dolls into their nets. So then it was changed to set the fishers out to catch the dolls, brought back into the temples and burnt .

Families started to display the dolls in February but after the day of the festival taken down, there was a superstition that was said that if the dolls are still displayed past March 4th, families with daughters will have a late marriage.

The way the dolls in Hinamatsuri are displayed are set out on the hierarchy in ancient Japan set out their courts with the Emperor and Empress on top of the platforms with others on lower platforms.

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