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Within researching for posters,my 18th century research is revolved around an old printing method called “Wood block printing.”

File:Kunichika wide.jpg
This poster was  designed and printed by Kunichika Toyohara in 1890,using the method of wood block printing, this was used to advertise a Kabuki play in Japan (the play is called Onoe Kikugoro V as Akashi no Naruzo in the play Shima Chidori Tsuki no Shiranami) . All of the names above are performers of the play.

The method wood block printing was dated in the Edo period (1603-1868). The method was done by having the text or image drawn onto paper then glued faced-down onto a plank of wood, the wood would then get carved/chiseled onto based on the outline of the text/image. After the block would be layered with ink and then pressed onto a new sheet of paper.

For my 20th century poster I have found this poster advertising to travel to Japan by steamship companies in Japan. This poster can also be found in a book called Miwaku no Funatabi. (source)

This poster appealed to me because the style has a bit of a vintage feel to it and looks very life-like.


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