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Local Universe : Summer show

This summer, the summer show of London Met will be commencing, but for that to happen, we have to set up our layout of exhibition and pick out work that portrays our strongest points. I will be showing my posters brief where I was firstly afraid to work on at first mainly because printing was… Continue reading Local Universe : Summer show


Ginger Moose exhibition

In design competition, Marta and Sophie decided to take the exhibition route to display their work to the public and to sell prints and stickers of their own work. Marta displayed her flora of Hyde park collection along with collections of various animals; Where Sophie displayed her portraits along with her selfie collection where she… Continue reading Ginger Moose exhibition

Hot house talks · Visits

Hot House Talk : Joe Cruz

On Friday 29th, we had a hot house talk with a free lancer illustrator named Joe Cruz. He spoke about his experience when he was in university and showed us his final major projects where he incorporated fashion with children’s stories/nursery rhymes. He then spoke about the struggles and hardships he had once he finished… Continue reading Hot House Talk : Joe Cruz