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Type and Grid workshop/w Kim

Kim from the Letter press department offered to teach us about typography an grid layouts. I really liked this workshop as it can be a stepping stone to my final major project. Firstly we started out with the title,subtitle and text. We had to rearrange the texts and separate into how we think it can… Continue reading Type and Grid workshop/w Kim

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Local Universe : Summer show

This summer, the summer show of London Met will be commencing, but for that to happen, we have to set up our layout of exhibition and pick out work that portrays our strongest points. I will be showing my posters brief where I was firstly afraid to work on at first mainly because printing was… Continue reading Local Universe : Summer show

Hot house talks

Hothouse talk : A Practice for everyday life

Today Friday we had a talk from Kirsty and Emma; the founders of “Practice for everyday life.” They were both university students who gathered and worked together for 15 years, they showed their collaborations and their studio to start with. They showed us their work and spoke about each of the works they’ve done. They’re… Continue reading Hothouse talk : A Practice for everyday life

Design competition

Design Competition : Tinkerlink

For this morning we were watching the students who worked in the Tinkerlink brief, it was interesting to see everyone’s idea and how different it all is. Tinkerlink is a company that created a phone with sets of charms to customise and decorate cases for smartphones. For starters we had Hayden present his banners and… Continue reading Design Competition : Tinkerlink