Design competition

Jade Siopao Exhibition

On Friday the 11th March, I set up an exhibition of my own. I wanted to give myself a challenge, on what would have happened if I was to set an exhibition within 3 days. I did this only to experience on how well I am on short deadlines.

At first it was quite stressful picking out the illustrations to display, I wanted to show a range of work I’m capable of showing. I also wanted to place installations to show that illustration isn’t the only thing I can do.¬†With getting help setting up by Rosie, she also has help me suggest the layout.

This exhibition was separated at three different parts, the first two were mini installations.

The top left was based on my dissertation on the trend of cute culture and how Asian women are objectified and domesticated.

The top right was based on my editions brief from my studio local universe on my origami stars and the numbers it represents, I was also inspired by Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei on his installation on his sun flower sees set across the hall of the Tate Modern.

The three illustrations were randomized but was my illustrations used by my method of using expired cosmetics. Behind that wall as another illustration along with an installation made by me showing how I work and the medium I used.

The heart of this exhibition was my mascara dragon.

Overall the experience of having a finished set up exhibition was worth it, but if there one thing to improve was to create a promotion poster to promote my exhibition, but this was a very fun experience to have.


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