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Type and Grid workshop/w Kim

Kim from the Letter press department offered to teach us about typography an grid layouts. I really liked this workshop as it can be a stepping stone to my final major project. Firstly we started out with the title,subtitle and text. We had to rearrange the texts and separate into how we think it can… Continue reading Type and Grid workshop/w Kim

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Local Universe : Summer show

This summer, the summer show of London Met will be commencing, but for that to happen, we have to set up our layout of exhibition and pick out work that portrays our strongest points. I will be showing my posters brief where I was firstly afraid to work on at first mainly because printing was… Continue reading Local Universe : Summer show

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Welcome back : Workshop

Today as a new started we gathered all of our visual research to create a map on how we interpret our local universe. First we were shown examples of maps such as the Mappa mundi, after using our own sketches, collages,prints and photos we discussed on what to put up. After we made another final… Continue reading Welcome back : Workshop