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Pecha kucha : Celebration week

On Tuesday afternoon we gathered to have a presentation about our studios and what we do as a collective. Each studio showed their processes and briefs, and in addition we also had design competition and CIP have a presentation of their own.

For Local universe it was presented by me and leon, what we showed if a range of collections of our work and sketchbooks. We started showing a short 20 second animation by Paalo showing a playful beginning to our studio. Our second, third and fourth/fifth slide was about our studio; how we started from scratch into laying out the interior to inspiration walls. From there we spoke about our briefs and our experiences. After our presentations we were given feedback from the guest crits of celebration week, we were told that our personality adds the charm to presenting ourselves, and how sketchbooks are very important to have around. It was interesting hearing their comments for future references.

It was nice seeing other studios present on their progress and the amount of work produced it’s very motivating to improve work on my own.


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