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Screen printing&Final outcome

Moving onto the messy part of printmaking, I took my idea downstairs onto the first floor to get started, I first chose a screen and used the stencil remover to remove any old stencils that was used onto the screen to prevent it from mixing up from my own.

Once that was done, I left it in the other room for drying and waited for a few minutes. After that I took the screen and laid it onto the side and started to spread the emulsion onto the screen and then removed any access liquid from it. After the emulsion was dry I place my poster idea onto the exposure and the screen on top and left it for 4 units for the image to be onto the screen, once that was dry I took it for a quick was for the stencil to be more visible.

Then screen was then left for drying and then the messy part begins, using magenta to express the print from my stencil I started printing, a few mistakes were made but I ended up with a perfect print.

After leaving my prints onto the rack for the night I came in the next day to find them perfectly dry. I think its worth the hard work after putting effort into cleaning and putting your ideas onto a screen it’s worth it.


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