Core workshops

Heather’s talk : Photography

On a Friday morning it started off with a talk about recording out work with photography. Depending and understanding the work and also the techniques used to keep the image in good quality.

The first thing we were taught was about how to take photos of our work if it was an illustration (or a 3 dimensional etc) to focus on the detail of work, for small 3D objects to use black velvet and not black paper as the black background can come off as grey. Quoted from Heather “The impression of the background changes the work.” Which brings to keep the setting to take photos tidy and full of space.

From what I’ve heard from our lecturer taking photos during the day comes off as better quality due to the shadowing and exposure. Secondly we learnt on how to work with our cameras like the white balance (day light), focusing/focus lock which can either focus only on the work and blur everything out and shutter (a shutter speed of a moving sequence), sometimes flash can come off good but in my personal opinion I don’t think it’s not as good as natural lighting.

We then were told to always save a copy if we were to photo-shop the original photo and to save it on a RAW format to print save it as a JPEG and to save it and organize our photos by name (Of your work or place where the photo was taken).

To end the talk we had a mini workshop to test out our own cameras.


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