Core workshops

Blog Week : Lecture Two

Continuing within blog week, we moved onto another tutor Sarah who gave the tips on what to post, how to post, for who it’s posted for and the do’s and don’ts.

What I’m doing is designing a blog, which is a process and visual research that maps and illustrates the shows in process. It also makes the audience think, look and to follow. How I blog is to document by using photography, filming, drawing and writing to make it a natural part of a creative process. In order to document and blog i must think about what exactly I am posting.

Why I must do this is to have the work is to show and develop my work further and to see what belongs and what doesn’t belong within the blog. Who I make this blog for are for peers to give ideas and inspiration, my tutors to learn from their comments and to improve and for people in the industry to see how i work and think.


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